I joined Barbell League in 2020 and it was one of the best choices I have ever made. I began without a background in olympic lifting and as a novice gym-goer. Coach John broke down everything, from technique in the lifts to areas where I needed to become more mobile. Barbell League stresses the importance of correct form and technique before jumping up in weights. This is imperative towards success, as Coach John mitigates risk of injury for all of his athletes. This will not only make you a better lifter for a longer period of time, but you will feel better in everyday life as well.
When you join Barbell League you will receive a comprehensive program detailing everything you need for each training session. Furthermore, Coach John will check-in regularly to see how you are feeling from the past sessions and will customize each training day to your needs. Coach John loves this sport and his passion is evident through how he cares for all of his athletes and their progress both in the gym and in their everyday life.
Coach John works with a variety of athletes from beginners to preparing weightlifters for competition.  At every competition I have participated in, John has been there to coach me and take all of the distractions away so that I only worried about hitting the next weight. He views his athletes as a team and will be there for you. I cannot recommend Barbell League enough.

- Chris

Before Barbell League I was what I like to call a floater. I was in the gym doing what I felt like with no plan and no purpose. Barbell League not only gave me a purpose but gave me the tools to create goals and strive for more. Now, because of John at Barbell League I have confidence, I have the ability to hit consistent weightlifting milestones and most importantly I feel so good about myself. If you’re looking for a coach that genuinely cares about your growth John is the coach for you!

- Nicole

John has helped me on my journey while I was working to lose 90 lbs. He not only helped me achieve my goal, he taught me weight lifting from the ground up. He has patience, great communication skills, I and a fun way to teach new clients like I was. I didn’t know how to pick up a barbell and now I’m Olympic lifting thanks to John and all of our lessons together. I highly recommend this gym to ANYONE looking to learn…from the basics to highly advanced techniques. Thank you John for everything, I can’t wait to see what the future of lifting holds for me!

- Kate

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